senior couple exercising Southfield health and wellnessNo matter your age, developing and pursuing an active lifestyle is the best way to stay healthy and engage. For seniors, this is especially true. At Southfield senior independent living, we encourage all residents to cultivate a healthy and active lifestyle. By taking a proactive approach, Southfield health and wellness helps residents avoid illness and stay fit. While we may all understand what helps keeps us healthy like a balanced diet or regular exercise, what fosters wellness may be a bit less clear. For each individual, wellbeing will be different. However, even though wellness is unique for each person, Southfield health and wellness can provide resources to residents to meet their needs.

What is Wellness?

Wellness is a concept encompassing the whole person. It means balancing and optimizing an individual’s social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical needs. Broadly speaking, it’s a state of overall satisfaction with one’s living. When an individual feels themselves in control and free to pursue their interests, not only does their overall health improve but so does their involvement in their community. Thus, Southfield health and wellness looks to find ways to help residents cultivate their hobbies, learn new skills, explore interests, and meet new people.

Southfield offers a variety of services that focus on improving the health and wellness of our residents, including:

What Southfield Health and Wellness Offers

Through our regular activities, residents can find themselves something to participate in nearly every day. Southfield health and wellness also encourages residents to take the lead and design their outings and activities. Whether it’s walking or hiking, swimming, or crafting, senior living is dynamic. Residents don’t have to be sedentary unless they want to. And even then, health and wellness emerge from keeping the mind active as well as the body. Reading or being part of a book club contributes to this as does talking and working with others on projects or games.

No matter what a resident desires, the goal of Southfield is to provide the means to meet it. Enjoying a long and healthy retirement requires taking good care of yourself. Being active means being aware of not just your physical health but your mental health as well. Being mindful of both leads to wellness and good health. It makes residents happy and active.


Senior Living at Southfield

At Southfield, we strive to create a sense of community where every resident not only feels at home but a vital part of the lives of those around them. One way we foster this is through Southfield health and wellness programs and philosophy. Whether it’s organizing a group outing, having close or extended family come to visit, or participating with one’s neighbors, senior independent living means choices. Thus, we offer several services to our residents to make their lives that much easier. For example, we provide:

Each of these allows residents the freedom to choose their path and fill their days the way they most desire. So call us today at 855.947.3838. We can guide you through our amenities and answer your questions. We’re confident that you’ll find exactly what you need for yourself or your loved one.