older couple smiling enjoying Southfield dining servicesOften when individuals enter independent senior living, they’ll have dietary restrictions or specific needs. Fortunately, Southfield dining services has a wealth of experience providing for resident needs. Our dining team creates meals that foster good nutrition while meeting the dietary needs of seniors. However, no resident needs to worry about missing out. Southfield provides a vast selection, and our chefs always have their ears open, wanting to hear from residents about what they want to see on their plates.

We are proud to have the ability to accommodate altered diets. At the same time, our Southfield dining services want to learn from residents. Let’s make the comfort food you remember. Show us your traditions. No matter what, we understand food is more than just eating, it’s a way to get to know people.

Independent Living Means Choices

Independent senior living means residents have options. Southfield dining services provides three set meals a day. However, alongside this standard, we can offer smaller meals and other options throughout the day or even bring meals to a resident’s home. Because we understand that not everyone has the same schedule, we strive to be flexible and accommodating.

In the same way, we make it a point to listen to residents so that our meals meet their expectations and tastes.

Our newly renovated Southfield facility has comfortable, sleek dining areas. Here, residents can eat in the company of others, their friends and neighbors, or by themselves. Also, if residents would like, meals can be taken back to their home with them or delivered to their door. Each of our residences from studio to large one-bedroom has kitchenettes allowing individuals to cook on their own. One of the things Southfield dining services provides is the direction and ingredients should residents desire it.

A Community Table

With flexible dining times and a variety of choices, Southfield dining services creates an experience for residents rather than just something individuals can pick up on the go or be expected to merely sit through. Community is built at the table.

At Southfield, we understand you want to be drawn to the dining room. It’s a space where you want to feel both at home and special about, so we offer a combination of sophisticated, restaurant-level dishes as well as satisfying, everyday fare. Part of doing so involves offering dishes you are familiar with but also new and inspiration. We ensure our residents’ diets are healthy by incorporating daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Senior living means trying new things like international cuisine and explore new flavors.

Southfield Dining Services Redefines Senior Living

Our dining director Adam Lowery supervises daily meals, snacks, and food events, making sure Southfield dining services meet not just the needs but the desires of residents. Offering a combination of healthy, balanced meals with dishes individual residents have come to love over their life, we make dining an experience. Also, Southfield dining services create an environment where residents can socialize and make meals about more than just eating but building community.

Alongside our professional dining services, we offer residents:

Independent senior living at Southfield not only covers three meals a day but provides community events as well. So call us today at 855.947.3838. We can answer any questions you have and explain what we can offer you or a loved one.