seniors doing yoga as part of Southfield activitiesIt doesn’t matter what your age is; being active is key to living a healthy life. It doesn’t matter if it’s a physical or mental activity. But what does matter is taking the initiative. At Southfield, our senior living facility makes it a point to offer a wide range of activities for residents to participate in with their neighbors. When individuals enter a new stage of their life living at Southfield, being a part of a community is more important than ever. Southfield activities for seniors meet the interests of residents and can offer something new as well.

Maintaining an Active Lifestyle

We make sure residents have access to Southfield activities that keep them physically fit and engaged with the world around them. Seniors who look for new ways to stay physically active not only live a healthier life, they live a happier one. There are numerous outdoor, indoor, group, and individual outings residents of Southfield can participate in to keep themselves active. For instance, residents at Southfield can find their exercise needs met in our fitness room. Going to the gym is already better with companions. Exercise is just as much about socializing as it is about performance and physical health. Southfield’s fitness room has all the equipment you’ll need to stay active.

The Importance of Southfield Activities

While it’s vital for seniors to stay physically active, they also need to keep mentally sharp. For residents of Southfield, this can mean engaging in activities that excite and please the mind and emotions. Perhaps for some, this means being able to read in comfort and quiet. For others, it may mean sharing conversations and space with new faces. No matter your preference, Southfield activities can accommodate you. Some excellent ways to keep you mentally sharp, meet new people, and become a part of the Southfield community include:

  • Crafting: Making usable items to sell, as gifts, or just for oneself is a superb way to stay active.
  • Technology Lessons: Computers are only a mystery if you let them be. Learning how to how to build websites, code, or just play online games can be at once educational and entertaining. Plus, it’s a great way to connect with children and grandchildren.
  • Art: Painting, pottery, acting, or music (either performing or singing) have long been fun ways to interact with others but also express yourself. Why not learn a new instrument, write the stories you always wanted, or act. Now’s your time to do what you’ve always wanted
  • Music: Also, we encourage residents to engage with their creative side. Whether it’s singing, performing, or simply playing instruments together, we have the facilities to accommodate you.
  • Baking: One of the more relaxing yet satisfying hobbies out there is baking. Our kitchens and staff are more than willing to assist residents in baking for their friends and family or even organizing an event for the community.
  • Trivia: Competitive but friendly, trivia is a great way to stay sharp and informed. Whether as part of a team or as an individual, trivia is a great way to learn new information and show off what a lifetime of experience has taught you.
  • Games: Boardgames are more popular than ever before, and many are cooperative, engaging, but not difficult to learn or play. There’s more out there than just cards or bingo, why not explore games that’s keep you thinking and puzzling out ways to win.

Senior Living at Southfield

When you or your loved one comes to the Southfield community, they’ll have nothing but options. A new home means figuring out how to put your personal touch on your living space. But it also means taking the time to get to know your new neighbors and become an active part of the community. One of the best ways to do this is through activities. Therefore, Southfield activities make sure all residents have the opportunity to participate in and even design or lead activities. Senior living doesn’t mean you stop exploring, learning new things, or meeting new people. Senior living redefined at Southfield means the next phase of your life will be as full of physical and mental activities as you desire. So reach out today at 855.947.3838 and learn more about what we offer.