older man looking out window Southfield servicesIndependent living is a lifestyle many seniors prize. Fortunately, Southfield services provide seniors with the resources they need to live independently as they enter this new stage of life.

We help residents optimize how they spend their time. Independent living providers, like us, help our residents minimize the amount of time they spend in the “grind” — cleaning, cooking, and maintaining their homes — and maximize the amount of time they spend on things that build them up. For example, interacting with friends, getting to know new neighbors, and spending time with family.

Our Southfield services give seniors the time and space to eat great food in the company of neighbors and friends, engage in intellectual and active pursuits that stimulate their minds and keep their bodies active.

Northfield and Southfield

In Plainfield, Indiana, we operate Southfield, and in Brownsburg, Indiana, we operate Northfield. Each location has been newly renovated, making them up-to-date and accessible. At both locations, we work hard to ensure active, rich, and rewarding independent lives for our retirement-age residents.

We believe in creating and maintaining an unparalleled community experience 24/7. It’s at the core of our vision of senior living redefined. Therefore, we provide our residents with a robust package of services touching on all facets of their lives. Some of the services we offer include:

Dining Services: Our Dining Director Adam Lowery leads a team producing three meals per day prepared from scratch. These taste great and are good for your health. Sharing a meal is more than just healthy eating; it’s about enjoying the company of friends and neighbors. We make dining a positive community experience.

Activities: We plan daily activities and regularly scheduled events to make every day unique. Also, we look to ensure there’s plenty to keep residents smiling. Interactive engagement opportunities with the Southfield team and your fellow residents not only keep your mind sharp but also fosters good health.

Health and Wellness: Our modern fitness facility has just the right space and equipment. Residents can make sure their body stays loose and healthy. More and more seniors have an active spirit. Thus, we make sure you have the resources.

Transportation: Scheduled and available on-demand transportation to all the places necessary for you to stay well-provisioned and plugged in is provided. You won’t be cut off or have to worry about not being able to get out and see what you want.

Housekeeping: Regular and as-requested help in maintaining your residence like a home. We are always ready to get your space prepared for visitors as well as keep your day-to-day needs met.

Local Attractions

Plainfield, Indiana is a lovely small town with much to offer. Our independent senior residents can explore its community calendar at Southfield to keep up-to-date on community activities. Then, our transportation services will be more than willing to schedule a time to take you or your group of neighbors to the event. Also, Plainfield offers attractions like Splash Island (great for when family comes to visit) as well as a regular Farmer’s Market and community-wide garage sales.

Explore Our Southfield Services

No matter whether you’re considering Southfield or Southfield as your next home, you can rest assured that you’ll be taken care of. Not only are the properties similarly equipped and close Hendricks County neighbors, but the vast majority of our team members pull “double duty.” They’re 100% responsible for making sure both communities live up to the promises we make every single day. No matter which community you choose as your new senior independent living home, you’ll get the know our team.

If you or a loved one is looking to make the transition to senior, independent living, then Southfield is ready to be your new home. Now newly renovated, Southfield is ready for you. We dedicate ourselves to building a community of active, independent older adults. The services we offer will give residents the time they need to focus on their golden years–travel, staying close to family, or learning new skills. So reach out to us today at 855.947.3838 to see what we can provide.