fall risk

Ways to Help Reduce Fall Risk

As we age, our overall fall risk generally increases. This can be true for various reasons, including changes in our bodies, chronic illness, and medication side effects. Unfortunately, when older adults fall, there are increased odds of suffering serious harm. That’s why a thorough senior health services plan can help you keep your risks low.…

senior transportation services

How to Find Transportation Services for Seniors

Once you have entered into your retirement years, you may want to kick back and relax. Letting go of some of your usual responsibilities can be freeing, driving included. When you choose to enjoy your retirement in an independent living community like Southfield’s, you’ll have access to transportation services that can take care of the…

anti-inflammatory diet

3 Benefits of Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Seniors

Eating an anti-inflammatory diet can be the key to remaining healthy as you age. Your diet and lifestyle choices play an important role in how you look and feel as you enter the retirement years. Practicing healthy habits can allow you to enjoy an active lifestyle. At Senior Living Redefined Southfield, we understand the importance…